Lophii – Sleep Light

SLEEP ROUTINE Lophii – Sleep Light 60 million of us can’t fall asleep or find ourselves waking for hours during the night.  Lophii aims to aid those who struggle to sleep through a single light source in the dark.  The product helps redirect the mind’s focus away from stress, anxiety and fears.  The calming movement […]

Vinesse – Wine

FORM & HERITAGE Vinesse – Wine Bag-in-box wine has proven that it can retain wine quality for longer and offers a more sustainable packaging route, with low energy use and reduced shipping weight.  Vinesse aims to fuse the elegance and ritual of wine with more sustainable qualities of bagged wine.  Vinesse uses a service based […]

Online Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability Sustainable packaging for the ever expanding online market The online market suffers from a large amount of non-sustainable packaging, placing packaging inside packaging, wasting enormous amounts of materials.  This alternative packaging design accepts there is a fundamental difference in the requirements for in-store packaging verses online. It allows the design to be made fully […]

Void Table

FURNITURE Void Table The void coffee table was created by Will to Design taking influence from designer Ron Arad.  The Holon Museum features Arad’s Void rocking chair and after spring and before summer chairs. Will to Design set out to create a coffee table that captures the the fluidity and flow of Arad’s earlier design, showing appreciation […]

Oliver & Dobson Metal Plaque

VINTAGE Oliver & Dobson – Metal Plaque After creating the brand identity and logo for the Oliver & Dobson in Australia they required a metal plaque to feature on their restoration models of historic Land Rover LAYOUT Software used : Adobe Illustrator , Fusion 360 Client: Oliver & Dobson 2020

Practices Sketches 2020

SKETCHES Follow my Instagram for more Sketches created with white and black pens & pencils, alongside hints of colour from Copic markers and coloured pencils.

Obelisk – Pop Up Water

SOCIAL DESIGN Obelisk – Pop Up Water Obelisk Water is a light weight, stackable water dispenser designed for easy transportation, distribution and setup at both indoor and outdoor events. Obelisk provides quick, high pressure bottle refills for up to 4 people at once, reducing queues and wait times.  Refill speed and multiple people being served […]

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