Lophii - Sleep Light

60 million of us can’t fall asleep or find ourselves waking for hours during the night. 

Lophii aims to aid those who struggle to sleep through a single light source in the dark. 

The product helps redirect the mind’s focus away from stress, anxiety and fears. 

The calming movement of the light stimulates heavy eyelids and a resting mind to develop a deeper sleep. Lophii is linked to the user’s heart rate through wearable smart tech. The product regulates the speed of the users BPM, allowing a gentle progression towards a state of sleep.


Lophii - The Name

If you’re wondering about the name of the product it all started with a documentary about deep sea fishing and a fish that had a light protruding from its head. The fish in question, the Anglerfish, has an alternate name called Lophiiformes. With the depths of the ocean the fish inhabits there is little to no light, so the deep sea creature has to produce light for itself. At times it can be the only visible light in the ocean darkness. Similarly, the Lophii light ray should be the only point of focus in a dark bedroom.

Software used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Solidworks, Idea Maker

Skills used:

3D Printing, Model Making & Finishing, Graphics, Photography, Coding

Client: Me – Final Major Project


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