Obelisk - Pop Up Water

Obelisk Water is a light weight, stackable water dispenser designed for easy transportation, distribution and setup at both indoor and outdoor events. Obelisk provides quick, high pressure bottle refills for up to 4 people at once, reducing queues and wait times. 

Refill speed and multiple people being served ensures there is greater access to water helping reduce the issue of dehydration, the most commonly reported incident at public events. 

The refill stations’ form takes influence from ancient Egyptian obelisks, utilising its towering height to stand out above the crowd to give clear indication as to where water is located. Because of Obelisk’s stand out height it provides a prime area for advertising, this can be changed per event with the product being composed of a frame and fabric sleeve.


Software used :

Solidworks, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop

Software used :

Model Making, Rapid Prototyping, Sketching

Client: University Work 


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